How to Shop for the Beard in Your Life

So you've noticed the beard in your life is a little dry. You've heard the beard being scratched from across the room and it sounds like a dull pitchfork rummaging through a pile of loose hay. You've caught a glimpse of the beard out of the corner of your eye and you wonder how a tumbleweed managed to get inside your house. You've decided enough is enough and it's time to give that beard a bit of pampering, but you have no idea what it needs.
Fortunately, all hope is not lost.

Here are 4 products that will help turn the wild beast that is your loved one's beard into the belle of the ball.

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Beard Oil

The skin on your face naturally produces sebum, an oily secretion from the sebaceous glands. Sebum helps to naturally moisturize and protect your skin from the harmful elements that it encounters daily. When a beard begins to grow, the skin beneath it gives some of this valuable sebum away and distributes it to the hairs that have appeared. Unfortunately, this leaves both the skin and the beard a bit lacking in moisture, as the skin has previously only been producing enough sebum for itself. This is where a quality beard oil comes in. 

Beard oil is a blend of carrier oils, such as jojoba, castor and hempseed oil, which is intended to act as a supplement to the naturally produced sebum. Despite it's name, beard oil is actually more beneficial to the skin beneath the beard rather than the beard itself. If the beard in your life ever complains about "beard itch", the issue is dry skin, inflammation and irritation, which is precisely what beard oil is meant to remedy.

Beard Balm

When beard hair first begins to grow, the hairs themselves are so short that gravity doesn't have much control over them. When moving past the early stages of beard growth, you may begin to notice that the beard in your life seems to be growing out of control, and becoming unruly. Common problem areas are the moustache and the sideburns, which are some of the hardest areas to control until a certain length of beard has been attained. This is where beard balm comes in.

Beard balm is a blend of beeswax, butters and carrier oils, which is intended to act as a styling product for the beard, while also slightly softening it at the same time. Using a beard balm in addition to a beard oil will allow not only the skin and hair to become soft and healthy, but it will also ensure that the beard is able to be controlled, styled and looking its best.

Beard Butter

When beard hair hits a certain length, gravity will kick in and will aid immensely in styling, leaving only a few stray hairs needing a bit of coaxing. However, when waking up in the morning, you may notice that the longer your beard gets, the drier it becomes, due to the sebum needing to be distributed even further from the face. This is where beard butter comes in.

Beard butter is a blend of butters, carrier oils and beeswax, and is essentially a hybrid of an oil and a balm. It sufficiently conditions and softens the beard while allowing for a slight, natural looking hold. Using a beard balm at night, before bed, is a very effective way to ensure a healthy and soft morning beard as opposed to a dry, brittle one.

Beard Wash

Cleaning a beard is just as important as cleaning the hair on top of the head. Unfortunately, the hair and skin on top of the head is not the same as the hair and skin beneath the beard, and as such, it is important to clean the beard with a product specifically formulated to do so. The skin beneath the beard is much too sensitive for traditional shampoo or bar soap. This is where beard wash comes in.

Beard wash is a blend of gentle cleansers and conditioning oils, intended to remove only the excess oils as well as any unwanted debris from the beard. Using a gentle beard wash will ensure that the beard hair as well as the skin beneath it do not dry out and become itchy, negating all of the previous care it's been shown.

Congratulations! You've mastered the basics of beard grooming products and now you're officially ready to help the beard in your life become the freshest looking, feeling and smelling beard on the block.


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